Ned Pines is a queer, non-binary artist and transplant from Minnesota who’s lived in Madison for three years. Ned likes vibrant color and bold outlines, dark imagery, florals, and objects. Bring them your angels and your anime characters and they will be happy. Outside of tattooing, Ned makes webcomics and oil paintings and is quite handy with a needle and thread. Fun fact: Ned has four cats.

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Ned did an AMAZING job on my tattoo. already set up my appointment for my next piece while i was there. great experience. everyone was friendly and easy to get along with.


There's always something new here! With a friendly atmosphere and a bunch of creative artists, it's a great place to go. I've gotten and continued work on my first tattoo here, all thanks to Ned, who's creativity and attentive work brought me back in for a 2nd tattoo, the day after we had added to my first! I'll definitely be coming back for more in the future!!!